American Living in Nairobi, Kenya
American Living in Nairobi, Kenya

Internet Quality and Remote Work in Kenya (2022)

Date: Jul/12/2022

So, the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi has fine, fast and stable internet. You'll often find fibre optic cable straight to the building and your apartment. Of the three places I've stayed in Westlands they all had good internet, and including to upload videos.

Mombasa, on the other hand, had crap, awful internet in both of the nice, upscale Airbnbs I stayed in. I purposefully selected apartments in the Nyali area of Mombasa because it is touted by all as being the most modern and upscale. However, it was an internet flop in both places. Maybe I had bad luck? Nonetheless, my plans on staying long-term in Mombasa were completely nixed after trying in two places.

I have heard from some reliable sources that Diani Beach has very good internet comparable to Nairobi. I can not speak from experience myself on this, but I have even seen speed tests performed online which show very, fast up- and download-speeds. If you want to live in a sunnier part of Kenya and still have good internet for remote work you may want to give Diani Beach a shot.

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