American Living in Nairobi, Kenya
American Living in Nairobi, Kenya

Renting an Apartment as An Expat in Nairobi

Date: Jul/12/2022

In 2022 I was paying $1100 USD for a nice one-bedroom furnished apartment in the nice Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi. It came with a very comfortable bed, big fridge and very fast fibre-optic internet service. All monthly bills, internet, utilities etc. included. The building is "W Place" furnished aparments (it's on the map down below) and it has very good security. You can not get in or out as a guest without presenting ID. They're rather strict on it.

In the youtube video below, I got tons of comments saying that I was paying too much. At least 75% of commenters indicated that I could get a cheaper place. Indeed, my girlfriend told me so as well and was staying in a similar place for 35% less. However, it was NOT furnished and bills were not paid for.

As an Expat there are very few neighborhoods in Nairobi that you will feel comfortable living in. One of the ones that is quite acceptable and you will feel at home in is Westlands. I recommend the area highly. It is close to very good shopping malls and all of the other stores and service providers for the things you've gotten used to having in the West. Also, the traffic is slightly better there.

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