American Living in Nairobi, Kenya
American Living in Nairobi, Kenya

Dating Kenyan Women in Nairobi as an Expat Westerner

Date: Jul/12/2022

Nairobi has large numbers of very attractive chicks who are eager to meet Westerners. One thing I also like about Kenyan women is that they do not practice age discrimination: the women in Nairobi saying "age is just a number" made me chuckle on more than a few occasions.

Being different and unique always seems to pay dividends in the dating game I think. And as a westerner you'll be quite different and unique. I guess I don't need to mention that women who intend to have children tend to consider the ability of the man to contribute financially. Of course this comes into it, but that is not all of it. I'm certain of that.

I used both Tinder and OKCupid. I was surprised at how well okcupid worked in Kenya. It is far, far more popular in kenya than in many other countries I have lived in. For example, Brazilians basically never use it. If you go to brazil forget okcupid, use Badoo (I really did not even have time to try to use badoo for dating in kenya as my hands were full from all the hundreds of matches in Tinder and okcupid). And when I say hundreds of matches, that is no exaggeration. My okcupid had well over a thousand after just two months.

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