American Living in Nairobi, Kenya
American Living in Nairobi, Kenya

Best Shopping Mall for Expats in Nairobi, Kenya: Westgate

Date: Jul/12/2022

This is my favorite mall in Nairobi. You can get everything you'd want (including a good western grocery store with Carrefour), and yet it is not so montrously huge you have to walk a mile from place to place. There are other malls in Nairobi that I get lost in. No exaggeration, I can't find what I'm looking for at all. This one has lots of security and is centrally located in Westlands.

The ATMs all accepted without problem all of my Visa and Mastercards.

I always see quite a few expats at this mall. There are also a lot of Somalis at this mall. They seem to love it. You may have heard about the terrorist attack that happened here: they were Somali terrorists by the way. At any rate, expect to see lots of Muslim dress in this place in addition to westerners in hawaiin vacation shirts and shorts.

There are some nice apartment complexes right near here as well. I stayed for about 3 weeks in one that was about 300 feet away from the mall, which was terrific. I also enjoyed the movie theatre here. There is a very upscale, and over-priced, excercise gym/club on the top floor of this mall that is packed with westerners.

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