American Living in Nairobi, Kenya
American Living in Nairobi, Kenya

2022 Traffic in Nairobi, Kenya

Date: Jul/12/2022

Traffic in Nairobi is awful. This reason alone almost made me leave on the first day. I had to go from the airport to Westlands at about 4:00 in the afternoon. What (now!) can possibly take 15 minutes, took 1.5 hours. On most days it is stop and go everywhere.

One point that has yet to bear fruit, but might, is the new express way which opened this spring. It opened about 3 weeks after my arrival. I had an apartment near enough so I could look down and see how many people were using it. Not many. The gossip among the girls I was dating and cab drivers was that they needed to lower the fees to use it, because it was not clearing out that much traffic. It was too expensive.

Anyways, one benefit of living the Westlands area is that there is less traffic. There is still some traffic, and more than I like or am used to. However, it is less in this area.

If you really dislike traffic, you may want to reconsider Nairobi as a long-term destination.

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